Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ice Breakers – "Quickie"

Director: Pascal Leister

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Director of Photography: Paul Andresen
Editor: Pascal Leister
Copywriter: Alex Harvey
Art Director: Briana Wollman
Agency: Tracy-Locke
Production Company: Lodestar Films

Pascal Leister: "I had to laugh out loud when I read the script - I instantly knew it was perfect for me. It fits nicely with my other spots, which are all comedic.

For casting, I looked at several options, but when I read the script I already had two actors in mind I work with frequently - Leyna Juliet Weber and Rick Gifford. They know each other well, have amazing chemistry and an unflappable sense of comedy. I'm very grateful that Alex Harvey, the writer at Tracy-Locke, went for my suggestion.

I found a stage that cut me a great deal. The set was part of their client lounge, I just had to dress it. Shooting on a stage, vs. at a private residence, made everything a lot easier.

With regards to the DP, I've edited three features that Paul Andresen either DPed or directed. We've always wanted to work together and this was the perfect opportunity. He has a really good sense of humor and knows what's important when shooting comedy.

This was my first time on the Red. It's a great camera and the process is really easy, but it is essential that you have a truly calibrated monitor and don't believe the Red's official ASA rating (I think they rate it at 320 – it is way below). If you have a great DIT though, that ideally comes from an AC or color background, it's a breeze.

Post workflow was super easy with the Red footage since we edited in Final Cut. In the end, I took the raw files and an EDL to John Tissavary at Lunacie. He has a Scratch system which works effortlessly with Red footage. He did a great job giving it a look while keeping it comedic.

Vince Jimenez at Mdots helped with the product shot animation; I love the way he integrated the fruit burst and added a little glow to the product. It makes it look really tasty.

I'm very happy with the outcome. I would have loved to have more time to spend on lighting and a more dense set dressing, to add a couple of really long shots. But we were under a lot of pressure time-wise and I think we managed well."