Monday, March 9, 2009

Virgin Mobile – "Bridal Shower"

Director: Bo Mirosseni

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Bo Mirosseni: "I loved the script the first time I read it. I shoot comedy spots. And I love pratfal humor so this was a great spot for me to have on my reel.

Casting was very interesting. We had over 100 girls show up and our main girl Rhiann Woodyard was casted accidentally. She was at the casting office for another project and I told the casting director to approach her because she had the right look. She came and read for us and nailed it. We had a second round of auditions and she nailed it again. She was scaring me with her attitude...but off camera she is the sweetest girl ever.

Sarah Audrey King played the bride. We wanted someone that has a very innocent look to them. Someone that you'll feel sorry for. She had that look...I still feel sorry for her.

We got lucky with locations. Our production designer had a empty house in Silver Lake. We had to dress the whole thing up. We started with just a blank living room.

Jon Peter, my DP and also a very good friend of mine, shot all my other specs so that was a no brainer. The two producers, Emile Mocey-Hanton and Jamie R. Robinson, are also good friends of mine who did an amazing job with this spot. It was a big cast and there was a lot to be accounted for. Emile and Jamie really went the extra mile. Joe Iemola, our very talented sound designer had an extremely tight deadline and made it happen! I've known Joe since high school and he's never let me down.

I'm very fortunate to have worked with these people and glad they're great friends of mine."


Director of Photography: Jon Peter

Editor: Brian Emerick

Art Director: Andrea Sheritt

Copywriter: Dan Sorgen / Agency Art Director: Hosea Gruber

Agency: The Ballpark, El Segundo

Producer: Emile Mocey-Hanton & Jamie R. Robinson

Production Company: Six29 Entertainment

Music/Sound Design: Joe Iemola

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