Tuesday, June 5, 2012

PGA "Directions"

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Director: Neil Payne
Writer: Andrew Lincoln
DP: Nate Tieman,
Sound: Kevin Bellante
Actors: Billy Milord, Dave Mihaljevich.

I'm from Kansas and sports are a huge part of my life. We play a lot of golf, so PGA "Directions" had my DNA all over it.

I'm really interested in directing sport spots in the future. I like to cast based on talent first, but I really like to give new actors an opportunity. Being an independent filmmaker, it’s important for me to help and encourage other artists.

I was lucky with the location. I've played golf at Costa Mesa Country Club course a few times. The manager was really great, told me to shoot what I wanted. No charge! Now, that's really cool.

I've been working with my DP, Nate Tieman, for three years now. He's a working DP in the industry and owns the Red Epic camera. So, that really cuts down my cost quite a bit.

The shoot went well. Anytime you're shooting outside, the sun can have a mind of its own. I like a quick turnaround on my spots. My DP edited the spot, so it gave us a chance to finish a lot sooner.

I'm happy with the spot. I try not to over think it and second-guess myself. Obviously, with a larger budget you can do a lot more things. But thinking about that takes away from the spot you just completed. Trying to become a working commercial director has its challenges. But I wouldn't have it any other way.

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